Google One

Google One, the cloud storage service Cloud launched back in 2018, will now back up your iOS or Android phone to Google Account for free.

Although the functionality is safe, backups count against your free 15 GB Google storage allowance. If you need more you need a Google One membership to buy more storage or remove data you don’t need anymore. Paid memberships for 100 GB start at $1.99 / month.

Membership comes with not only enhanced room, but other advantages such as family sharing for up to five members, Google’s live customer service and, among other items, Google Play credits.

The phone backup for Google One includes photos , videos, contacts and iOS calendar events. It operates automatically with Ios, and even integrates emails, MMS, contacts, and games.

In the meantime Google One will be home to a new storage manager for Android and iOS. This is intended to encourage you to manage and clean up what you’ve already saved in Gmail , Google Images and Drive.

The subscription-based cloud storage model of the tech giant which includes Google Drive, family sharing, and subscription benefits such as Google Play credits was previously only available to Android users.

Google is obviously trying to bring more people into Google One with this free backup feature. Google says the latest apps will roll out in the days ahead for Android, and the updated iOS version will soon be released.

In addition, these changes apply only to customer accounts and will not be applicable to G Suite company clients.

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