Google Pay’s Application & Website To Lose Payment Features From January

On Tuesday, Google said that the iOS and Android versions of its payment application Google Pay, along with its website edition, are expected to lose their payment features in America. Old applications will soon no longer be able to submit or receive payments or withdraw cash, according to a Google support document.

“The old apps will not be able to send or receive payments or withdraw money soon. Alternatively, a notice on the website of the payments service also said that it will also lose the feature of sending and receiving peer-to-peer payments.” Mentioned in the Google Document.

The updates follow the huge re-launch of the service last week in the US, which includes a mobile app and new functionality such as the ability to instantly search your Gmail inbox and Google Images account for import receipts. Next year, as Google plans to collaborate with banks to provide full checking and savings accounts within Google Pay, the new service will grow further.

The relaunch also brings with it the introduction of a new charge for using a debit card to move money. Transferring money using a debit card, a procedure that normally occurs immediately, would now incur a charge of 1.5 percent or a minimum of $0.31, as per the study. Transfers are always free of charge to a related bank account, but can take between 1 and 3 business days. Google Pay had zero charges initially.

While in the US, its peer-to-peer payment characteristics are disappearing, Google has indicated that the web interface of Google Pay will stick around. The company says that it will concentrate on handling payment types, subscriptions, and account settings in the future.

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