Google Phone App Is Now Available For Download For All Android Phones

Google uses its own, pretty cool, Phone app. This also has its own apps such as defining caller IDs and detecting spam. Earlier, the app was exclusive to only Pixel and Android One device.

Luckily for a bevy of non-Google-branded apps, the Phone app is now available on the Play Store. You would still be able to sideload the Phone app to any other Android phone, but the new update will enable some Android users to download the new Google Phone APK from the Play Store.

Although not all users can locate the Phone on the Play Store. In particular, Samsung and OnePlus smartphones can not scan or install it, although a variety of sources have shown that several third-party phones can now scan and install the software.

AS according to the study, even on app-compatible phones, users can receive a warning indicating that their system is “incompatible” and that phone calls can not function.

When the user grants all the requisite permissions, however, you will be able to make and receive phone calls and access most of the other features the app provides.

The new update enhancements include built-in call recording functionality, support for dark mode, UI 2.0 content, Assisted dialing, Caller ID & Spam, and Nearby Locations.

Upon registering for the beta testing program, you can download the new edition of the Google Phone app from the Google Play Store.

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