Now Google “Play Pass” Subscription Service For Android Applications

As per the report Google is testing a new Play Pass subscription service for the Google Play Store. So with this you pay a single monthly fee to access lots of apps that would normally cost you money to buy or subscribe to individually.

This new subscription feature appeared last year on XDA when the site found mention of Play Pass in a new version of the Play Store. At that point google didn’t have anything to say, but as the time has passed now Play Pass has started appearing on Android phones. So, Google has confirmed that it is testing an app and game subscription feature.

The main aim for google to introduce the subscription feature is developers begin to make more money from apps, it could reduce their dependence on advertising and spamming in-app purchases. This would be a big benefit to consumers and it could help raise the perceived value of apps in general.

Apple also has a similar subscription feature called as Apple Arcade which only provides a curated selection of games exclusively to Apple Arcade subscribers. But Google’s this new subscription feature will possibly include both games and other services as well.

The test includes a 10-day free trial of the service, after which Play Pass costs $4.99 per month (approx Rs 345) -a-monthly Play Pass. However, the price could change, given that the service is still in its testing phase.

However, there are minor or may be major differences between Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass that a user might notice. While we don’t have a full list of apps or games on the service, or even the ones Google is initially testing.

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