Google Rolls Out Android 11 For Google Pixel & Other Mobiles

The much awaited Android 11 for its users has finally been rolled out by Google. For selected smartphone brands, including Google Pixel, OnePlus, Xiaomi and Oppo, the latest version of the operating system will be available. In addition , Google said that it plans “more partners launching and upgrading devices over the coming months.”
The latest version of Android introduces a range of new features to the mobile operating system, with the main improvement being conversation management by grouping messaging app updates.
A long list of new features comes with Android 11. They were initially divided into three themes by Google: Individuals, Controls, and Privacy. But support for 5 G, new screen forms, and call scanning is also available.

Android 11 People Features

  • In a dedicated section at the top of the shade, conversation alerts appear with a people-forward interface and conversation-specific behavior, such as opening the conversation as a bubble, building a home screen conversation shortcut, or setting a reminder.
  • Bubbles support users when multitasking to keep conversations in view and accessible. For Android 11 alerts, Google requires messaging and chat apps to use the Bubbles API.
  • Consolidated keyboard suggestions allow Autofill apps and Input Method Editors (IMEs) in the suggestion strip of an IME to securely give context-specific entities and strings directly.
  • Voice Connectivity now provides an on-device visual cortex for people who manage their phone entirely by voice, which recognises screen content and meaning, and creates labels and access points for usability commands.

Android 11 Controls Features

  • Device Controls help users access and monitor their devices that are connected to them. To pull up system controls instantly, simply long-press the power button. To appear in the controls, apps will use a new API.
  • Media Controls let you toggle the audio or video content output unit, be it headphones, speakers, or even a TV. You can allow this today from Developer Options, and in the upcoming Beta release it will be on by default.

Android 11 Privacy Features

  • One-time permission allows you to grant an app access to the microphone, camera, or location of your computer only once. The next time the app is used, the app will request permission again.
  • Background location: To avoid abuse, developers need to get permission to access the background location in their app, but Google will not implement this newly announced policy for current apps until 2021.
  • Auto-reset permissions: If you haven’t used an app for an prolonged period of time, Android 11 can auto-reset all of the app-related runtime permissions and inform you. The next time the software is used, the software will restore the permissions.
  • Scoped storage: To better secure app and user data on external storage, Google has expanded this functionality, and made more changes to help developers migrate more easily.
  • Launched last year, Google Play Framework Updates speed updates of core OS components to smartphones in the Android ecosystem. Google is doubling the number of modules which can be modified. The 12 new modules will help improve users and developers’ privacy, protection, and consistency.
  • BiometricPrompt API: Developers can define the strength of the bio-metric authentication that their software needs to unlock or access sensitive software pieces. Google added these features to the Jetpack Bio-metric library for backwards compatibility.
  • Identity Certificate API: New use cases such as National ID, Digital ID and smartphone driver licences

How to download, install?

Google will provide you with a notification for installing Android 11 over-the-air if you have a Pixel 2 or later Pixel phone. Alternatively, the update can be verified by going to Configuration > Device > Device Updates.
You may also want to use the SDK Manager in Android Studio to download Android 11 factory system images for Pixel cameras, Generic System Images, the Android Flash Tool and the new Android Emulator system images.
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