Google Makes Seamless Payments & Password Management Easier In Chrome

Google on Tuesday announced new features that will make seamless payments and password management easier in Chrome for all signed-in users, by making Chrome’s sync service optional. Google is making it easier for Android users to sign in and save passwords on Chrome without having to turn on sync.

Google Chrome users on Android will be able access their saved payment information once they log into the browser with their Google account. These payments can be confirmed by entering the credit/debit card’s CVC or by biometric security.

Saving payment information and passwords to Chrome can be super handy, but it currently works only if you choose to sync your settings on each device. Over the coming months, Google will make changes to the payment and password manager so that you can use it seamlessly even when Chrome sync is switched off.

In Chrome for Android, a new dialogue will pop up allowing you to sign into sites with a single tap even without turning on sync. If you just want to sign in temporarily, there’s even an easy way to jump into an incognito tab so you’ll automatically be signed out after your session.

Payment autofill options will work in much the same way so long as you enter your CVC or authenticate using your phone’s biometric security method. You can also add new payment methods here and they’ll be available on other devices you’re signed into.

With these latest changes, we can expect a seamless experience when switching between phones and laptops, and you’ll no longer need to turn on Chrome sync to make the most of its password management capabilities since it’ll be tied to your Google account.

According to Google, this new change will be bringing Chrome’s password generation feature to more users, helping them create strong and unique passwords for the many online accounts users manage when using Chrome. All the above features are expected to be rolled out over the coming months.

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