Google Search Very Soon To Be Replaced By Huawei Search App : Huawei Phones

Huawei released a beta version of an upcoming UAE Huawei Search App to test and feedback users with the intention of releasing the app in the future publicly.
Huawei and its affiliates were in the USA. Commerce Department’s Organization List which has prohibited them from licensing new devices to Google Mobile Services.
Many Android users are likely to use Google to search even without the dedicated Google Search app, as its presence on the mobile platform is ubiquitous.
Moreover, the app does more than just search, and pulls apps such as Google Assistant, Lens, and more. Of course, owners of recent Huawei phones do not officially have access to any of those and the company is now finding a way to at least bring back some of that.
The company says it will spend $1.5bn in the creation of software. According to industry experts, it faces a costly, uphill battle to build alternatives to the Google-centric world of music, navigation and other devices. Others including Nokia and Microsoft tried to create their own mobile ecosystems, however struggled to do so.
The organization has not disclosed what its search engine capabilities are. But according to the article, Huawei might be using anything of its own design, which could be a cause of concern to users, given the reputation of the company and the weather widget on the search engine is operated by Huafeng-AccuWeather, a joint venture that apparently provides data from the Chinese Meteorological Administration, adding further to the concerns.
The P40 series of phones will be announced in a few days time. It’s going to be interesting because the tech world wants to know how Huawei is going to use the space to persuade potential buyers that Google apps aren’t all, so they should just buy the smartphones and see the space turn up.
The ban, enforced in May, came after the firm has been rumored to have close ties with the Chinese government and pose a threat to US national security.
It was revealed recently that Google has re-applied for a license to work with Huawei. Whether the US regulators approve the request has yet to be issued or not.
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