You can utilize the services of google as a proxy server, yes, it is conceivable and this will work perpetually on your server to get to blocked sites. When you get to any page by means of one of these Google proxies, the substance of that page gets downloaded on Google servers and afterward served to you.
In the event that you are experiencing difficulty accessing a page, in light of the fact that the site is hindered at your working environment, or on the grounds that this page is behind a paywall, there are some non-affirmed Google proxy servers that assistance you read that page. Take after the below techniques to get to blocked content utilizing Google as a proxy server.
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1.Google Translate as Proxy server

  • Go to Google Translate page and choose the destination language as the one you speak, which will be mostly English and choose a source language that you do not speak.
  • Now enter the URL of the website you want to access in the source and google will start translating.
  • Once completed in the source box the text will become clickable.
  • Click the translated link in the right box and you will be able to access the website within Google Translate.

2.WebLight services as Proxy server

Google indicates speedier, lighter pages to individuals seeking on moderate mobile connections in selected nations. The principle motivation behind Google Weblight is to upgrade pages stack four times quicker than the first page and utilize 80% less bytes. This method will be simple when compared to the Google Translate. You just need to access the below link and replace ‘’ with the site of your choice. Thats it you are done.

With these 2 methods, you won’t have to introduce any 3rd part application or tool on your smartphone, you simply require Google services to get to any of your most loved destinations that are blocked on your server.


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