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It might sound a touch of aggravating or frightening, an Arizona specialist Andy Gregg was stunned when a voice began broadcasting from his Nest security camera as of late, tending to him directly.

Gregg recorded his discussion with the more hacker, who portrayed himself as a white cap hacker, that is a hacker who has practical experience in breaking into secured frameworks to demonstrate their weaknesses.

Gregg Recorded The Security Camera

Hacker : Hey, please, please don’t be scared or frightened. I’m a researcher from Canada  and I’m here to, like, help you .Your password’s been leaked.

Gregg: Damn, man! OK. Alright. Well then, yeah, I appreciate it. Are you able to see where I live and everything?

Hacker: Yeah. I mean, I don’t know where you live right now but if someone was really that dedicated … they could see when you’re not home … there’s so many malicious things someone could do with this.

Gregg:  So you think just change my password on the Nest, or what?

Hacker: Yep , have a good night, man, and again I’m sorry if I freaked you out.

According to the report Gregg have unplugged his camera following the discussion was finished.

Hacker have additionally educated him that his private information had been “compromised,” and presented to Gregg a password that he had utilized for different sites.

It appears on the off chance that you are utilizing a similar password and evidently didn’t utilize two-factor authentication, it would have been simple for anybody with that data to sign in remotely to the camera.

Nest, which is possessed by Google parent organization Alphabet, said in an statement it knows that passwords stolen in data breach of different organizations have been utilized to get to its cameras.

The organization, which likewise moves savvy door locks, recommends setting two-factor-authentication for such devices to add an additional layer of security.

“Each customer has received instructions on how to establish new credentials. For added password security, we’re preventing customers from using passwords which appear on known compromised lists. As before, we encourage all customers to use two-factor verification for added account security, even if your password is compromised.” Nest told in a statement.

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