Hacking WhatsApp

Hacking WhatsApp is always in the news for many reasons. The popularity of the app has made it one of the most widely used apps on the market.

The app currently sits second after the Facebook in terms of the number of subscribers. It is this very reason that people are interested in developing or harming its operations

Everyday new malware is being planted and targeted to disrupt the services. Recently a week back, researchers identified a spyware masquerading as WhatsApp that infected thousands of mobile phones.

Hacking programs are launched to spy on the Android phones. Even at a personal level, anyone can use XNSPY Android spy app without access to the target phone to spy on other person’s WhatsApp information.

Although there are plenty of methods and tricks on the market, yet there are only a handful of reliable methods to hack into someone’s WhatsApp. We have identified top three methods and are explaining them here:

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Hacking through WhatsApp Backdoor Encryption:

There were news reports that a design failure in WhatsApp can be exploited by any third-party recipients. This could allow some encrypted messages to reach unintended recipients.

There is an aspect or call it a flaw in WhatsApp that results in some messages being re-encrypted and resent automatically.

But the problem arises when the sender has no knowledge about the recipient. This method may be trickier than using a WhatsApp spying app, yet it is a useful one.

This is how this method works, WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption unique security keys.

If a recipient reinstalls the app or gets a new phone, then all the pending messages which may have been waiting to be delivered are re-encrypted and resent by the sender automatically.

So,this re-encryption and rebroadcasting of previously undelivered information could potentially be exploited by a third party to intercept and read a user’s undelivered messages. This can be easily done if the user’s sim card is accessed.

This method comes third on our list of WhatsApp hacking. Though this method has its limitations but nevertheless, it offers a gateway for spying on someone’s messages without the other person even knowing.

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Hacking WhatsApp through MAC Spoofing on an Android phone:

The second last method of WhatsApp spying is through the Media Access Control address also called MAC address. It is a unique address assigned to network interfaces for communications.

This method is free and the hacking steps involved in this method may appear complex. But in reality, it is not. The person needs to follow exactly the mentioned steps in the same order.

This method involves using MAC address to Hacking WhatsApp. The MAC address consists of letters and numbers. The first step is to retrieve the MAC address of the target person’s phone.

It can be accessed on Android by following the path Settings >About phone > Status > Wi-Fi MAC address. Now uninstall WhatsApp from your mobile and change your MAC address with the target person’s phone.

After doing this, reinstall WhatsApp on your phone. Please remember to enter the phone number of the target person during the setup process.

WhatsApp will send an activation code to the target phone, so make sure the phone is with you during this process. After doing this re-set the original Mac on your phone.

If you follow all these steps, you will automatically receive all the messages, photos, and videos of the target person.

Hacking WhatsApp into Android through WhatsApp Spying App:

The third and final method is the most convenient of all. Hacking through an Android spy app without access to the target phone can reveal you all the WhatsApp information about the target phone.

All you have to do is to install XNSPY app on the Android phone by following simple steps for hacking the target phone. This method is paid and the app can be subscribed by visiting the website. You would need to access the target Android phone for downloading and installing the app.

Paste the download link into the target phone’s browser which is sent to your email after subscribing to the app. Once the app is downloaded, install the app.

The app goes into the stealth mode and starts collecting the phone’s WhatsApp’s information.

It takes 24hours for the app to collect and upload the information to your account. The account can be accessed through the web portal.

The XNSPY WhatsApp spying app will provide detailed information of the target phone to Hacking WhatsApp. You can read all the chats including group chat threads.

If you want to know the incoming and outgoing calls on the WhatsApp, you can see all this information in your account. With the help of the app, you can see all the pictures, videos, and documents that have been shared through WhatsApp. You can also benefit from its other hacking features as WhatsApp is just one of its functions.

You can see the location, calls, text messages, and other instant messengers’ information.

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