Hangouts Rebranded to Google Meet : 2 Million New Users a Day

Google changed Google’s video conferencing site, Hangouts to Google Meet. The rebrand became evident on April 7th in a blog post from Google Cloud written by two product management directors of Google, Karthik Lakshminarayanan and Smita Hashim.

It has also been noticed that, instead of Hangout Meet, they now run the help page under the name Google Meat. Another Google Meet related article said the app is attracting more than 2 million new users worldwide a day. The COVID-19 outbreak, which has caused people to stay home, is expected to cause this rise.

With millions of users worldwide relying on digital devices, the popularity of enterprise video conferencing apps such as Google Meet and Zoom has increased.

According to the report, the videoconferencing device downloads peaked 62 million between March 14 and March 21.

Having the word Google at the front and center is undoubtedly smart, because it is with so many of the other Google Drive services, Google Docs, Google Keep, Google Assistant and more. But the rebrand will occur rolling, meaning it will take time for it to spread globally.

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