According to numbers compiled by Dutch game developer Spil Games, 1.2 billion of us play games. Out of this figure, 700 million play online games. Because the online games industry is so large and so (potentially) lucrative, there are thousands of developers who are releasing games that aim to capture our interest.

While that’s excellent news for those who want a huge amount of choice, it also makes actually finding an online game to play a real chore.
How do you know if a game is going to suit you and your interests? What if you like a particular game genre but don’t know how to find games in that genre specifically? These questions are all roadblocks between you and your online gaming fun, but no need to worry, because we’ve got some top tips below.

Browse Twitch

Amazon-owned live streaming platform Twitch is now one of the biggest drivers of video game sales.
Many actually turn to Twitch to watch people play games they’re interested in buying instead of reading game reviews. Twitch has more than 27,000 partners and more than 150,000 affiliates – these are trusted streamers whose opinions about games are highly valued.
These streamers play all kinds of games, from the latest releases to multiplayer stalwarts such as FIFA, Rainbow Six, and Overwatch, but they also have their ear to the ground and play plenty of weird and wacky games too.
In fact, Twitch even spawned the Twitch Plays series, where Twitch Chat suggests inputs in order to control the game. It’s not conventional multiplayer, but it just shows how good Twitch is for finding fun. 

Consider Online Game Platforms

You don’t hear many say “if you want to find an online game, then just go where the rest of the games are”, but you probably should. Online games platforms like Steam work like recommendation engines and with its “discovery queue” which recommends games based on your wishlist, games you already own and what’s popular on the platform already, you’ll be able to find something you like.
Beyond that, you could also look at online casino game platforms such as Mr Green, where there are hundreds of slots, jackpot games, casino games, and classic table games (including baccarat, blackjack and roulette) to choose from.
While that may seem like a lot of choices, the ability to easily sort through what you want to play such as a newly released slot game or some classic, card-based fun, makes it a whole lot easier. Other games platforms you’ll want to consider include Ubisoft’s Uplay, EA’s Origin, and 


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