With the passage of time, more and more people are switching toresidential VoIP services in placeof regular landline. Technology has made its way into all aspects of our lives making things easier and convenient for us. VoIP is another one of technology’smany gifts to us.So, why VoIP?

The main reason is the cost-effectiveness. Compared to traditional phone lines, VoIP costs much less as a single network is used to carry both voice and data. Residential VoIP allows you to do things you weren’t able to do before with regular phone lines. Your incoming phone calls are automatically routed to your VoIP phone. VoIP services are pretty cool for your residential communication needs but, how do you get the best residential VoIP provider? It is no easy feat to find the best one when the market is filled with so many options.

If you are looking for an economical and quality residential VoIP services, look no further than AxVoice. Equipped with a vast assortment of smart features, it has become one of the best residential VoIP providers in the recent years.

Here is a detailed review for AxVoice, so you know the reason it has become a popular choice for those who want to get the best residential VoIP provider.


AxVoicehas been specially designed for those who love to take and make long calls and want to do so without burning a hole in their pocket. The reason AxVoice quickly became the trending option for residential VoIP is the fact that it is currently the most affordable VoIP provider in the U.S. and Canada. AxVoice offers excellent services and calling plans at a very reasonable price.

Residential customers can benefit from affordable phone solutions as AxVoice offers economical calling plans to the customer so that they can enjoy advanced calling features at a low cost. You get to enjoy all the standard features and more, too. But the reason AxVoice stands apart is thatAxVoice offers you more than 30 features and does not charge you for calling other AxVoice customers whereas most of the companies charge you an extra fee for every feature. Using multiple feature bundles adds to your phone bill every month, too. AxVoice is exempt from that.

Customers have the ease of managing and controlling their account from anywhere. The process is simple and fairly easy to understand because AxVoice offers plug-and-play service. As soon as you purchase the service and set up the equipment, you are all set to use the VoIP service. The activation and setup are for free.

AxVoice is one of those residential VoIP services that deliver value for money, making it the best residential VoIP provider. The customer service happens to be quite responsive and caters to all of your communication needs.


Here is a detailed view of all the features offered by the service:

Incoming Call Features:

AxVoice’s incoming call features lets you have a better the control and the timing of your incoming calls:

  • You can see the caller ID of the callers and know beforehand if you want to attend the call or not.
  • The blacklist feature saves you from any annoying pranksters and unknown callers. You can also block any unwanted numbers from calling you.
  • The do not disturb feature lets you redirect the incoming calls to voicemail automatically if you do not want to attend calls for a while.

  • The anonymous call rejection feature prevents any anonymous calls from being a nuisance to you.
  • You can filter your contacts and redirect them to your AxVoice line with the help of call filter feature.
  • You can use the simultaneous ring feature that allows three different numbers to ring at the same time.
  • You can switch between two calls with the call-waiting feature without hanging up on either one of them.
  • You can set distinctive rings for each of your AxVoice numbers if you have more than one AxVoice numbers.

Outbound Call Features:

With AxVoiceresidential VoIP services, you can enjoy the following outbound call features:

  • You can keep your number private with AxVoice’scaller ID block feature and your caller ID would not display on the recipient’s phone.

  • In case of an emergency, you can dial 911 and inform the authoritiess without saying a word. This feature, known as E911 support stands for enhanced 911 service. This way, the authorities receive the dispatcher number.
  • With AxVoice’scodec feature, you can switch to low-bandwidth codec such as G.729, GSM, G.711a as well as G.711u if your internet connection is not performing too well and you are getting low bandwidth.
  • You can enjoy more than one phone line with the alternate caller ID at the cost of one. You can set any number linked to your account so this way it displays on your outbound calls.
  • You can use the music on hold feature to keep the caller online.
  • AxVoice’s another great feature is the three-way calling. This feature lets you add a new participant to the ongoing call.You can also disconnect the third person from the call without disconnecting the call.
  • You can block international outgoing calls to places outside the U.S. and Canada with AxVoice’s international call blocking feature. This feature lets you save a lot of money and then spend only according to your AxVoice plan.
  • With AxVoice’s7,10, and 11 digit dialing feature, you don’t have to dial the country or area code while making local calls. You can easily dial 7, 10 and 11-digit numbers.

Call Forwarding Features:

There is still a lot more to Axvoice’s features. The benefits don’t end here. This residential VoIP serviceoffers numerous call forwarding features as well that allows you to never miss a call. This feature is easy to configure and if you happen to be using the residential plan for your small business setup, this proves to be quite beneficial as you won’t ever miss a call from your clients.

  • You can redirect the unanswered calls to particular U.S. and Canada phone numbers with the help of call forwarding feature.
  • The call quality can get affected when the ISP is down or due to a power outage. With AxVoice’sfailover feature you can forward your call to a specified number.
  • You can redirect your unanswered calls with the help of AxVoice’sFind me Follow Me feature in a pre-determined order.

Advanced Features:

Apart from all the standard VoIP features, AxVoice also offers you a wide range of advanced features that makes it rank among the best residential VoIP providers. These features are available for both business and residential plans without any extra fees or additional terms.

  • You can view the call logs for all of your calls in real-time.
  • You can access your AxVoice web account to check your voicemail from anywhere while using a browser-based device with the enhanced voicemail feature.
  • Softphone support is a great feature as well. This feature allows you to use AxVoice VoIP to make phone calls without using a touchphone. You just have to download the softphone software on your tablet, phone or computer.
  • Users can call other AxVoice numbers without paying for anything with the free in-network calling.
  • You can set up your AxVoice line on an unlocked VoIP with the help of BYOD feature after a simple setup procedure.


Users can benefit fromAxVoice’s affordable residential plans. The VoIP service is currently offering three budget-friendly residential VoIP plans. All of the users can select a plan according to his calling needs and budget.

AxVoice’s residential plans are listed below:

  • The Home Phone Service USA/Canada costs $8.25/month for a yearly plan.
  • The U.S./Canada 200 plan costs $599/month for a yearly plan. AxVoice also offers the users with low per minute calling rates.
  • The Pay as You Go plan begins from $4.99/month with the benefit of low per minute calling rates.

All of the residential plans listed above lets the users enjoy more than 30 calling features, VoIP equipment as well as online management of their account.

The Pros:

Here are some of the pros of using AxVoiceand why it has garnered the repute as of the best residential VoIP providers:

  • The phone system is extremely easy to manage and use.
  • It offers excellent service, and call quality be it national or international.
  • You get to benefit from two options with AxVoice. You can use a new number or use your existing number for VoIP calls.
  • In case you are not satisfied with the service, you have a 15-day money back guarantee.
  • You can use AxVoice on mobile devices with the help of third-party apps.
  • You can lower your bandwidth with AxVoice in case your internet connection is performing poorly.

The Cons:

Although AxVoiceresidential VoIP service offers its users with an attractive mix of more than 30 features with excellent calling experience, the service has a few cons:

  • AxVoicedoesn’t have any trial version.
  • The service does not provide 24/7 customer support.
  • There are certain limitations to the 15-day money back guarantee. The 15 days are counted from the day of the activation.
  • The unlimited plan has 3000 minutes.

Final Words:

There are plenty of residential VoIP services in the market but, none of them offers such an expansive variety of features at this price. Offering an ideal mix of both basic and advanced features, it is not only a great choice for residential communication needs but, for business as well.

Even with the service not offering a trial version, the 15-day money back guarantee is not a bad option. The variety of features fulfills to all of your calling needs. AxVoice has excellent call quality no matter how your internet connection is working. There are few drawbacks but, the quality of the service exceeds them.

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