Hidden Facebook Features

As we are aware of Facebook inability to keep the information of up to 87 million clients safe from misuse by Cambridge Analytica. In this article we will list out some hidden Facebook features that we should be aware about.

Now a days Zuckerberg and his team are introducing new features on Facebook and all its owned applications, which makes the application even more awesome. But there are some hidden features none discuss, but we will provide you with a couple of hidden Facebook features.

All users will know the basic features of the application that they are using, but there will be some features we are unaware or we do not give importance. Some hidden features we will love and so we don’t.

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Hidden Facebook Features ?

  • In Facebook you have the option to unfriend someone from your friend list but still access their account. For that instead of Unfriending them you can just UN-follow them, so that when what ever they share will no longer appear on your wall and still you can access their account.

  • It also has the option to see if someone else have accessed your account or gained access you account. Just login to your Facebook account and go to Settings >> Security and Login now check for any any suspicious activity.

  • You also have the option to download copy of your Facebook data like every post, very image, every video, every message, and chat conversation by going to Settings >> General >> Download a copy of your Facebook data.

  • Check the photo liked by anyone in your friend list. Just in the search box type in Photos Liked By it will provide you lot of suggestions like My Friends, My Family(Based On Relationship Status You have Updated In Your Facebook Account) etc. Try any option from the suggestion and see who all liked your photo.

  • One day everyone will die so after fully expecting this unavoidable truth, Facebook have the option to set a Legacy Contact which will define who can manage your account after you are gone.

You can login to your Facebook account and try for the above option. These are just couple of hidden features there are still many, will keep you updated.

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