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A solar system is a long-term investment that will cost a lot of money initially which is why it is crucial to vet all solar providing companies before deciding on one. But do you have any idea on how to choose a solar company in New Jersey from the dozens of providers? You don’t want to be in a situation whereby you are overpaying for the system or choosing a mediocre company that will install the system poorly.

A correctly installed solar system is usually a great purchase but a financial drain and real hassle when installing poorly.

Finding the right solar company in New Jersey will help you start saving on your electricity bill. To help choose the best solar company in New Jersey we have created this step by step guide.

Steps on how to choose a solar company in New Jersey that would be an ideal fit for your needs

Step 1: Create a list of the available solar companies in New Jersey

You cannot choose the best solar company in New Jersey without even knowing the available solar companies. The very first step to selecting the best solar company is identifying the available solar companies such as NJ Solar Power. Once you have a list of at least five companies, you can begin your search on one that best fits your solar needs.

If not sure where to get the list of companies; perform a Google search on solar energy providers in New Jersey to get a few suggestions.

Step 2: Decide between a National Company and a Local Installer

There are big National companies that offer solar installation countrywide and local New Jersey companies that only install within New Jersey. You have to decide whether to go local or National. Both companies have their pros and cons so choose carefully depending on your needs.

First, get to understand the main differences between a local solar company and a National Solar company. Large companies are usually more established and better placed at offering quality installations and better warranties.  They also have better payment options and provide a wide range of after-sale services like panel cleaning and much more. However, most of the National companies might talk long before they start the process of installation. They might also have a poor understanding of New Jersey’s permitting and rebates requirements.

Local companies, on the other hand, are prompt and will initiate the installation process fast. This is because they serve small locations that are within reach.

When deciding between a National and Local Company, there is no wrong or right answer. Take a look at your installation needs and see which company best suits your needs. This step will help you eliminate either local or national companies on the list we created above.

Step 3: Company Credentials

Experience is an important aspect when looking for a solar company anywhere.  A large company without experience will not be the best pick. Take your time and research the period each of the companies on the list has been in operation. Even better, see if they have indicated the number of solar systems installed. It will give you an idea of the most experienced company.

Experience must be matched with the roof types that the company has installed their solar panels. If the company seems experienced in a specific roof type that matches your home, then it is an excellent fit. Make sure you go through the company’s website to see its credentials. You can even call them and ask them of their credentials. If a company is unable to sell its credentials to you, then it is not the right fit for you.

A North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) certification is another thing you need to check to ensure the company is licensed by the state to operate. This certification tells you the company meets the high standards required for safe and quality solar system installation.

Step 4: Check Reviews Online

Even with the best experience and certification, reviews will tell you whether the company treats its customers well and is approachable. Look for the company’s reviews on sites like Yelp and Better Business Bureau to see what previous customers are saying. If you don’t find any reviews, go ahead and call the company for references. It should be able to refer you to its reviews or at least a few of the previous customers. Call some of the customers and speak to them and get to hear the views on the company and how it served them.

Step 5: Look and compare the finance options of each company

Depending on how you want to finance the solar installation, you will need to choose a company that best fits you. Solar system installation can be funded through cash, lease, loan or a power purchase agreement. Are you already decided on ways to finance your installation? Then make sure the company you select supports that. However, companies with multiple financing choices are the best and should be considered.

Step 6: Request a quote

Based on the selected companies, go ahead and request a quote from them. Most companies might book an appointment to see your property to determine the price accurately. This is also an excellent time to ask any questions you did not get answers to when profiling the companies. Some of the questions you need to ask here include.

  •    How many panels do I require based on my monthly consumption?
  •    Do you have the necessary permits in New Jersey?
  •    What are your warranty options?
  •    How fast can you start the installation process?

A company that answers the questions thoroughly and impresses you is a sure winner.

This is how to choose a solar company in New Jersey that is going to fit your finance options and solar installation needs.

Do not take a gamble of going with any company you find. Take your time and do some research. Solar when properly installed will be cheap in the long-term with little maintenance. However, if you get it wrong, then you’re going to suffer from expensive maintenance costs.

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