Does your phone have a Mini-SIM (2FF) slot? Popularly known as SIM Cards, Mini SIM is the most commonly supported SIM Card by major mobile devices in the market. This article describes how to cut sim card to nano.
However, the latest mobile devices have smaller SIM Card slots which support Micro SIM Card (3FF) and Nano SIM Card only.
To ensure that all subscribers get the latest SIM cards, service providers and network carriers allow users to purchase a new Micro or Nano SIM Card (4FF) but still retain the old one.
The best and simple way to accurately cut your Micro and Nano SIM cards are by using a template. So, next time you want to cut your SIM card simply follow the following tutorial.


Before you get the start, make sure you have the following items on your working table:
1. A SIM card cutting template or impression
2. A pen or pencil
3. A sharp cutting tool like a blade or knife
4. A ruler or anything that can help you make a straight cut
5. A double-sided tape
6. A sandpaper or anything you can use to smoothen the edges

Cutting Your Micro and Nano SIM Cards

Once you have collected all the required items, the next thing is to cut your Micro and Nano SIM card.
First, you need to download the SIM Cutting Template from the provided link or any other source you prefer.

Print out the SIM cutting template after the download is complete

Use a double-sided tape to carefully place your SIM on the MicroSIM (3FF) printed impression.

Use a pen or pencil to draw through the two-outlined horizontal, two vertical lines and diagonal lines. By now, your SIM card ought to have an impression for a Micro SIM card.

Carefully remove your SIM card from the printout and use a sharp blade or scissors to cut through the drawn lines.

You will have your Micro or Nano SIM card once you finish cutting.

Conclusion – cut sim card to nano

Lastly, use a sandpaper or nail file to smoothen the edges to fit well in your phone slot.
Points to Note

  • Mind your safety since you will be using sharp cutting objects.
  • Do not rush to cut as you may damage the SIM card.
  • Use a sharp cutting object to avoid damaging the SIM Card edges.
  • Apply this tutorial at your own risk. We are not responsible if you spoil your SIM Card out of your carelessness.


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