How to Keep Your Business Safe from Cyberattacks?

Cyberattacks are growing at an alarming rate and these threats can result in heavy and long-lasting losses for your business. According to some statistics, online threats have increased by 55% in the past two years, which is why you need to take all the necessary precautions to keep yourself and your digital business safe from the increasingly dangerous internet attacks.

How to Enhance Your Internet Security?

The first step towards enhancing your online security is installing a secure internet service that keeps prying eyes away from your network. If you are looking to get such an internet connection, then check out Spectrum Internet packages that come with a built-in security feature to protect you from deadly cyberattacks. To land the best internet deal for your business, search with your zip code and street address on Local Cable Deals and the website will display all the available options in your vicinity. With that being said, let us shed some light on how you can protect yourself from cybercriminals:

Two-Factor Authentication

This adds another layer of security when you log onto a website or email. For instance, Google will text you a code to verify your login. Others have devices to generate code. And there are authenticator apps available on all major smartphone platforms. There are other types of two-factor authentication, so check in the settings of your banking, shopping, and e-mail hosts for the option.

Login Notifications are Saviors

Used in place of two-factor authentication, this feature can be found in the security settings of the website or the social media platform you’re on, such as Facebook and Twitter, etc. If you accessed your account from an unfamiliar location, a notification will be sent via your email, app, or textmessage to you. This layer of security offers you protection wherever you are.

Use a Secure Password

Never set an easy password. Always make sure your password is alphanumeric and complex but one you can remember. If you make it easy for someone to hack into your account, the more likely your other accounts can be hacked. It should be 10 characters or more to add a high level of difficulty for any password theft.

Change Your Passwords Regularly

Remember to change your password regularly. By changing it regularly on all your accounts, you eliminate the chance of your account being hacked.

Access Your Account from a Secure Location

Access your account from a secure location. If the network has been compromised, 30 seconds is all a data thief needs to collect all your information. You might want to look into a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for an encrypted connection for your home or work network.

Check Your HTTPS Connection

Hackers can force their way into most browsers and websites, where an HTTPS connection is available. This adds yet another layer of encrypted security making it difficult for hackers to access your information. To see if you have an HTTPS connection, look for a padlock in the URL bar in the browser or check the URL if it begins with HTTPS.

Enable Junk Filtering in Your Email

Increase your junk filtering with your e-mail client. Phishing schemes start with something looking very innocent and official, but are designed to collect information directly from you. Next time you receive an e-mail from one of your account-holding websites, open a new tab, and go directly to the website instead of clicking the links. Legitimate businesses will never ask you for your login credentials, so make sure to avoid giving out this information.

Update Your Security Program

Install the most up-to-date security software. That will keep your computer protected from malware and data-miners. This security measure ensures all your devices are protected when downloading and accessing files.

Final Words

Online threats are real. The aforementioned tips will keep you safe and help you stay protected without costing you much money. These internet safety tips should help ensure your online security so you can carry out your online activities with minimal fear of cyber threats. Always use a secure internet connection that comes with a complete protection suite and keep your network encrypted at all times. That is all for today, stay tuned for more updates regarding internet safety.


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