How To Remove Duplicate Values From Google Sheet?

The same record that appears as duplicate values in your data more than once. Users can delete or remove duplicates on google sheet in a variety of ways.

Users can even use an Apps script to write their code to remove duplicates. Writing codes give the user the option to modify and provides re-usability, if you’re good programmer.

Let us see how to remove duplicates in Google Sheets in a easy way for beginners.

How To Remove Duplicate Values From Google Sheet?

#1Using Remove Duplicates tool

It is a new feature that has been added in google sheet Users can delete duplicates by selecting the column ant and then clicking Data > Remove Duplicates. You will be allowed to choose the range of cells from which you want to remove the duplicate.

You can remove duplicates where the rows entirely match or a specific column. The summary report will be displayed upon deletion of duplicates on how many duplicates were deleted.

#2Using UNIQUE Formula

You can delete duplicates for a range of data using the UNIQUE formula.

=UNIQUE(Starting value:Ending value)

Here is an example of the UNIQUE function.

The function is in cell F1 and is searching for duplicates from A1 to C10 in the data range. The lesser row in the resulting space implies the exclusion of redundant/ duplicate values.


#3Using An Add-on

You can add third party tools through Add-ons menu to provide extra functionality to your Google Sheets.

You can choose any add-ons from the list to remove duplicates from the data sheet.

You will have to install the add-on separately for each account if you are using several Google accounts, such as a personal account and a work account.

Once you install Add-ons, you can remove the duplicated by click on the Add-ons menu and proceeding further.

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