These days, it’s not often that we get a week that goes by without hearing news of some malicious hacker group or online fraudsters stealing usernames and accessing passwords, generally threatening our online presence.

Almost everybody should, within reason, feel worried about this. But it must be especially troubling if you keep a hefty amount of personal information and banking details on the internet, such as people that play poker online. The result is that we question whether it is safe to play online poker.

For several reasons, such as a loaded question that starts with another question, who is responsible for our online safety? Part of the answer is with the operators and part is the banking methods we choose to rely on, but both of those two are answered by the third responsibility holder in this equation: us.

We must ensure that we only ever play poker online at a trusted, safe room, a bank using the right methods and follow all the rules of online safety carefully. In other words, every online poker player should have enough knowledge and common sense to prevent themselves from becoming a target for hackers.

Research Thoroughly

It will benefit you enormously and give you peace of mind if you take the time to undertake adequate research on the online poker rooms you are considering playing at. That way, you can be as sure as possible you are depositing at a trusted site.

Achieving this involves putting in the necessary time to research the sites that will offer you a safe online gaming experience. One thing to look out for is how long the operator has been in business.

When you think about it, online gaming platforms in business for a long time will have plenty of user reviews. While this doesn’t necessarily guarantee total safety, it will provide you with a ton of reading material to help you make your decision on whether this site the one for you.

The reputation of an online poker room is vital, so use it. What are fellow gamblers saying about the services the site offers? How fast is the site at processing deposits and withdrawals? Do they pay on time? Does the site employ the correct privacy policies?

These are all questions that you need answering before signing up. Also, don’t be fooled by some, not all, affiliates. They are paid to drive traffic toward gaming sites, so it is in their best interest to write good reviews, and unscrupulous ones will try to trick you. To be fair, this is less of a problem with poker than it is for online casino sites.

ID, please!

Do these sites require you to show official ID before you make your first payment? It might be a nuisance, but it does show that they are on top of their priorities when it comes to financial transactions.

When you think about it, using a simple username and password isn’t enough to ensure security, especially if your password is either: quite standard or the same as all the other passwords you use elsewhere on the web.

That’s why some online poker rooms will ask for copies of your ID, such as a driver’s license, government-issued identity card or passport before you can make a deposit or withdrawal. It might be annoying, but playing poker online safely gives you long-term peace of mind.

Is your poker room doing enough?

The best poker rooms will all be equipped with up-to-date, top-of-the-range, hi-tech anti-fraud technology that is well staffed. There will forever be hackers out there attempting to access your information and use it for their ends.

The larger well-regarded poker rooms always employ a team of anti-fraud members as standard, and these guys work around the clock monitoring potential threats to ensure that your funds are 100 percent safe.

As well as looking for any incoming potential threats, they will also monitor any suspicious activity on your account, plus examine even the slightest changes to your usual routine. Should they find some such concern, then you might find your account is frozen.

In this case, a set of security procedures would be utilized to reaccess your account and bring it back under your control. Such might be a hassle and seem unnecessary, but these security procedures are for your benefit and will help prevent you from getting scammed in the future.

Over the years, most online poker rooms have massively altered and improved their encryption methods so that their users feel safe. It is crucial that you always ensure that you are playing at a site that is using the most effective encryption software possible.

As discussed above, it also helps if you use a unique password that is different than the ones you use elsewhere, especially if you are setting up a new account and looking to begin learning how to play Texas Hold ‘em or any other variant of poker for that matter.

Finally, login screen should be safe and secure, and all players should be required to enter a username and password and pin number before they can log into the online poker client.

Be careful though, some sites avoid this, even in today’s climate. By following all of the above and taking the appropriate precautions, players should be able to play even the quickest session of Omaha Hi-Lo in complete safety.

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