how to stop windows 10 update

Windows 10 typically downloads and installs updates consequently without your permission. Microsoft Windows Windows 10 all the time, and those updates can be genuinely substantial. In this article, we show you how to stop windows 10 update.

For instance, Windows 10’s first huge update, known as either the “November update” or “form 1511,” was around 3GB in estimate without anyone else.

There are many ways in which to stop Windows 10 from automatically downloading updates, counting on the edition of Windows ten you’ve got.

To try to do this on any PC–even ones with Windows ten Home–set your home Wi-Fi network as a metered association.

Windows 10 won’t automatically transfer updates to the association, however instead can prompt you.

You’ll be able to then select once to transfer updates, or take your pc to a different Wi-Fi network and update from that different network.

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For some reason, Windows 10 doesn’t offer a built-in way to set a wired Ethernet connection as a metered affiliation, although several ISPs impose information measure caps. You can, however, modify it with a registry hack.

Steps on How to Stop Windows 10 Update

To set your Wi-Fi connection as a metered one,

Then open the Settings app >> Network & Internet >> Wi-Fi.

Scroll down below the list of Wi-Fi networks and select “Advanced Options. Enable the “Set as Metered Connection” slider here.

This will only impact in the Wi-Fi network you’re currently connected to, so Windows 10 will start automatically downloading updates when you connect to another network.

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To set another Wi-Fi network as metered, you’ll need to connect to it and change the option again.

Windows 10 remember this option for each Wi-Fi network you enable it for, however, so it will be automatically set the next time you connect.

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