For the iPhone users, Siri is one of the wonderful things which they can have in their phone. The best part of the Siri is that it is quite capable of understanding almost everything which other assistants cannot able to do so.

In simple words, the efficiency of understanding of Siri is very high and that’s why majority of iPhone users are happy with the presence of Siri. Unlike assistants of different smartphones like Google assistant, Siri doesn’t create any lag or issues in the iPhone.

When we command, it reacts back and when it is shut down, then it will not restart again. Siri was officially launched in 2011 in iOS 5 and onwards.

In the initial stages, it was causing some lags and all, but soon after the iOS 6 and iOS 8 update, all the issues were fixed. And in the latest iOS 12 update, this smartphone assistant in running very smoothly. iPhone users are using Siri for a variety of purposes and tasks.

For example, setting up of reminders, alarms, searching for different things etc. Moreover, Siri can also be used to play the songs automatically. You just have to give the voice command and Siri will automatically search for that album on the web and will play for you in few seconds.

Moreover, if you listen a song which Siri has automatically played, then also you can ask Siri for the name and album of the songs. But time has changed now. With the latest iOS 12 update on iPhone X/XS/XS Max, it has been made possible to search for the songs whose lyrics are known to you. For example, if you listen a particular beautiful song in a party, function or anywhere else and if you had liked that song but didn’t knew its name, then you are well capable of searching the name of that song easily.

And in case if that song is playing right there in the middle, then you can instantly search for that song very easily. You just have to give some commands to Siri and Siri will do this job for you. We will discuss the detailed description of command which has to be given in detail below. But above of all things, you please make sure that the voice clarity must be ensured to avoid any mistake or error.

And in case if you just remember some lyrics of the song which you heard, then you have to sing that in front of the Microphone of your iPhone. We will discuss all things in details below. So, just be patient and enjoy reading.

This feature of Siri was basically launched with the release of iOS 8. But at that time, Siri was facing some really very bad issues with the working. Hence, every time a user sings a song, Siri was not able to answer that. But with the updates in the iOS versions, Siri was customized with new features and hence making it more efficient than ever.

The whole new world of advanced features has made this assistant very efficient. Apple has also tied up different music companies and software which will help Siri to identify the songs through the use of lyrics and tunes. So, if you are eager to search for a song, then just quickly navigate through the commands and instructions.

In the first case, when you just remember lyrics and tunes of the song which you have heard, then launch the Siri and ask “Hey Siri, you can help me out to identify a song name”. Siri will respond, “Yes, I will”. After that you have to sing the song in front of Siri. After you are done, you have to say that please search for it.

Siri will respond “Yes, I will, please hold on for some seconds”. And after some seconds, it will expose the name of the song which you had sung. Interesting and easy, isn’t it? But that is the way how Siri works for iPhone users. This is the main reason behind the high cost of iPhone. Apple is charging for the quality services which it offers to its users.

While in the second case, if the song is playing the background or on a radio, then you have to give the same command to the Siri as you had given in the first case. You have to expose your iPhone in the open air so that Siri can listen the song through the use of microphone of your iPhone. As we already mentioned above, if the voice quality of the song playing by the radio is low, then it becomes very difficult for Siri to identify the song because Siri is not a human.

It puts the input in the different software and the output will get displayed in front of you. And if the input is containing some error, then it becomes almost impossible to have the desired output. But if Siri identifies the song successfully, then Siri will automatically search for the song on the internet and will display in front of you. You can access that song from there and can download in your iPhone. Downloading is not an easy task in iPhone due to the security reasons, that’s why you can stream that song online. You can say Thanks to Siri so that it can help you in a better way in next time.


We hope that this update will surely help you a lot because a lot of iPhone users searches in regards of this issue on the web on daily basis. They download unnecessary software and applications on their iPhone which can threat their privacy too.

So, why use other software or applications when Siri is there. We expect that you will share your experiences and suggestions with us in the discussion section below. We will too join you in the discussion to explore some more details.   

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