Huawei’s Linux Distribution openEuler Is Available Now!

Finally, Huawei released for download to the public its own EulerOS Linux distribution based on CentOS. OpenEuler source code is released as well. You won’t find it on GitHub owned by Microsoft the source code is accessible from Gitee and GitHub’s Chinese alternative.

“We are very excited at this moment. It was hard to imagine that we will manage thousands of repositories. And to ensure that they can be compiled successfully, we would like to thank all those who participated in contributing”

Huawei also offers its customers a CentOS-based Linux distribution called EulerOS. There are two separate repositories, one for source code and the other as a source package for storing software packages that help build the OS.

According to the paper, Huawei would slowly open up its ICT basic software technology accumulation and open source Huawei’s internal infrastructure capabilities to the openEuler group in the operating system, compiler / JDK and other fields.

In addition to standard Linux OS, two open-source sub-projects, A-Tune and iSula, were also incubated by the openEuler community.

iSula is a cloud-based lightweight container solution that, through a unified and flexible architecture, can once again meet the multiple needs of the ICT field end, edge, and cloud scenarios.

A-Tune, on the other hand, is a system software for auto-optimizing the system with an embedded AI-engine for multiple scenarios.

Whether the company will run open-source OpenEulear and their company EluerOS in parallel with RedHat and CetnOS or will focus entirely on open source solution is yet to be confirmed.

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