Android Monitoring App

An Android monitoring app is a mobile application that monitors the online activities of your children or employees’ Android devices. iKeyMonitor is a fast, intuitive and reliable Android app, designed to meet all the digital security challenges of your office and home. With iKeyMonitor, monitoring your employees or children’s mobile phones and tablets is now easier than ever!

iKeyMonitor is a tool that provides a user interface for various tools for debugging and analyzing Android applications.

Get to Know about iKeyMonitor Android Monitoring App
iKeyMonitor is a hybrid application/service that allows you to control your smartphone or tablet that you own and have the appropriate consent to monitor. This unique system records activities when your children use their device with Google technology.

After configuring the monitoring app on the monitored device, it will record the SMS text messages and call activity, and then upload the logs to your cloud panel account. The app also records GPS positions when the signal is available. The GPS tracking interval is adjustable.

When you want to see the results, access the online control panel from any computer or web browser on your phone and enter your username and password.

Features of iKeyMonitor Android Monitoring App

As the most professional and secure Android monitoring app, iKeyMonitor offers many powerful logging features.

Log Call History and Recordings

iKeyMonitor monitoring app for Android logs calls on the target Android phone or tablet. Besides viewing call history and contacts, you can also hear the call conversations in the control panel.

View Message Chats

iKeyMonitor monitors chats that occur on Facebook Messenger, Line, WhatsApp, Viber and other instant messaging platforms. Besides viewing messages directly from your control panel, you can also set to receive notifications by email. If the target phone user encounters inappropriate messages, you’ll know it right away.

Monitor Web Browsing

Be aware of the sites visited by your child with this useful tool. This feature allows you to check the browsing history of your web, as well as bookmarks, times, dates and durations in the Control Panel. Use the block option to prevent your child from accessing the web browser.

If you find that your children have accessed some gambling or porn websites, you will know it and educate them as soon as possible.

Track GPS positions and Geo-fencing

iKeyMonitor can follow the precise location of your child’s phone. You can create secure areas and get instant notifications whenever your child enters or exits. iKeyMonitor determines the history of the route and the most visited places.

From online to offline, track all types of activity from a monitored device, including GPS position. You can also access location history with date, time and address tags.

Monitor Text Messages

iKeyMonitor supports the monitoring of your child’s text messages in SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp and other social chatting apps. Explore all texts sent and received by your child in your control panel. Even deleted texts are recovered and saved with this precious resource. Stay safe with your child with iKeyMonitor.

Thanks to iKeyMonitor, you can read all incoming and outgoing text messages without confusing a simple conversation view, and even download those chats to a safe place outside the server.

Block Apps and Games

When the power of parent-child negotiation seems bleak, use your parental prerogatives and temporarily block apps and games on your children’s Android phones and tablets whenever you want.

Record Surroundings

Even without access to the target phone, you can record the surroundings of the monitored mobile phone remotely by setting the recording duration. It’s a right way for parents to know whether kids are bullied or misbehave at school.


An excellent Android monitoring app such as iKeyMonitor will help parents learn about their children’s smartphone or tablet activities. Parents can view children’s calls, text messages, and GPS locations by accessing their iKeyMonitor account from any web browser.

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