Android devices are portable where ever we go we carry our android phones with us. Adding the pen testing tools in android phones seems to be complicated like we need to grant Root access (superuser) privileges that void our warranty.

But we can make our smartphone into a pen testing device without rooting. And also we will get the application of Linux emulator for free in play store.

converting the android device into Hacker device

TERMUX: Termux is an Android terminal emulator and Linux environment app that works directly with no rooting or setup required. A minimal base system is installed

STEP 1: Go to play store and type termux and install the application.

STEP 2: Open the TERMUX app.

STEP 3: Type the command “termux-setup-storage”

To know further about storage in termux click here.

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STEP 1: Open the TERMUX app
STEP 2: Type the command “apt-get install nmap”
STEP 3: To open nmap just type “nmap”


STEP 1: Open the TERMUX app
STEP 2: Type the below commands to install Metasploit-Framework
cd $HOME
pkg install wget
STEP 3: Change the directory to Metasploit-Framework
STEP 4: To execute Metasploit console type ./msfconsole

NOTE: This tutorial mentions that you need not root your device to convert your Android device into penetration testing device. The application emulates as Linux and it’s also user-friendly.

Source & credits

This article provided to by Shankara Narayanan Co-Leader at Hackers Day, student TamilNadu Dr Ambedkar law University. He is a Penetration Tester & Computer Forensics.


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The experiment described in this article has a study purpose. Tested on any smartphone with Android system and no attack was performed on external sites. We’ve looked at the typical vulnerabilities associated with hacking.

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