Interactive WhiteBoards

Standard whiteboards have been widely used by the people for presentations in classrooms and in business meetings, for displaying messages, developing ideas, brainstorming etc. Interactive whiteboards are replacing standard whiteboards.

An interactive whiteboard is also referred to a smartboard. Advancements in technology have changed the scenario for students. They are no more cramming lessons from textbooks.Instead, they look for interactive mediums to study and interactive whiteboards are one of them.

Interactive WhiteBoard Technology

It usually has a large screen with a standalone system on a chip (SOC), smart projectors connected to a tablet for user interaction. It works by infrared touch and magnetic pen technology. It is a digitized system, which makes keyboard obsolete.

Interactive whiteboard software has inbuilt charts, graphs, and polls. It also has virtual versions of tools like rulers, protractors, and compasses.

An interactive whiteboard displays data either directly on the screen or through other devices.It displays various multimedia data like images, text, audio, and video.

It can display data from other input devices like computer, DVD players, USB drives etc. Interactive whiteboards can connect to the internet for digitizing the tasks.

They have a huge impact on the field of education. Many institutions are using them to deliver lectures.Now, people are presenting their PowerPoint presentations on interactive whiteboards with great ease.

It has internet connectivity option as well. You can have interactive communication with anyone around the world on a large screen through video conferencing system. Their use reduces physical activity for the users.

Advantages of Interactive whiteboards

Touchscreen display

These whiteboards have a touchscreen display, which makes them exciting. It is a smart touchscreen, which improves communication between two parties or individuals. It has a huge touchscreen display to demonstrate a large amount of data.

 Interconnectivity with smartphone

Interactive whiteboards not only provide interconnectivity with computers but also with Android and iOS smartphones. They can connect to a video conferencing system. You only need to download the compatible application. When done, you can have the facility of sharing unlimited data.

Storing data facility

Interactive whiteboards are quite attractive for the users. One of the major advantages of this versatile technology is that it can easily save and store all the data because it does everything via the computer. All you need to have is a properly connected computer or smartphone.


Business presentation or teaching students become quite easy by the use of interactive whiteboards. It assures the participation of everyone around. It encourages more in-depth understanding of the things. Team collaborations open ways for better learning opportunities and enhance the performance of the whole group.

High-quality images

Large screens of interactive whiteboards provide high-quality imaging facility. This involves more students and makes the process of learning more entertaining and informative.

Interactive whiteboards have become an integral part of student learning systems and businesses. They increase the efficiency of the system and provides a more effective means of learning in a collaborative environment.