iOS 13.2 Beta 2 Arrives With ‘Delete Siri history’ & ‘Opt-Out Of Sharing’ Feature

Apple has come up with new beta features that give better control over audio recordings. iOS 13.2 beta version allows users to delete their Siri history and Dictation history.

Users can also opt out from sharing audio recordings. Apple has hired few third party contractors to listen to the Siri recordings and to analyze the responses with an intention of improving the Siri’s response.

While the employees listening to this regularly heard confidential data recordings of users as well.Following the criticism from users, Apple has stopped this process of evaluation for now and introduced the feature to delete the history and opt out of sharing the recordings

The new iOS 13.2 beta version privacy feature option allows iPhone and iPad users to use Siri securely as promised by Apple.

User will be able to see a splash screen to opt-out of sharing audio recordings on installing iOS 13.2 beta version. The details on usage of recording will also be explained there.

There is an option to turn off the “Improve ‌& Dictation” setting in the Privacy section of the Settings app. Also there is an option that allows users to delete their entire recording in the ‌Siri‌ section of the Settings app

Here are some of the other notable changes iOS 13.2 beta version has:

  • Edit Home screen text will be displayed instead of Rearrange apps on the popup that appears on long press on home screen or 3D Touch on app icon

  • Over 200 new emoji like yawning face, sloth, falafel, otter,etc.

  • New Emoji skin tone Picker for multi-person emoji’s

  • The picture resolution and the frames per seconds can be changed for the videos captured using the new iPhone 11 and 11 Pro models.

The iOS 13.2 beta version is currently available for the developers. Soon we expect it for rest of the users.

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