iOS 14 Brings New Multitasking UI In iPhones

Apple’s WWDC developer conference is just over three months away and busy holding iOS 13, a new video that is said to give us a preview of what we’d get on iOS 14 has appeared online.
The video has also been shared by the famous lobster, Ben Geskin, who later calls it Grid Switcher. In the video, one can see tiles of all the recent features, rather than the one-app-at-a-time slideshow for iOS 13.
Users will finally be able to pick default apps according to the study and a new multitasking Interface is coming according to a new report. The short video shows a new multitasking UI that can fit up to four devices simultaneously on the phone.

Users can then swipe over all the open apps to the right to scroll. One can reject a running app by simply swiping it onto the card.
Geskin also denied any initial claims of a jailbreak modification and emphasized that the iOS 14 update would include an App Switcher setting to switch between Manual, Deck Switcher, Grid Switcher and Minimum Viable Switcher. It also shared a screenshot to reinforce the point.
The multitasking performance on the iPhone is significantly lower than that of iPads and Android devices, so this year with iOS 14, Apple can be seen enhancing it drastically.
The only difference between the multitasking feature on the alleged iOS 14 videos and the one found on the iPad is that this multitasking view has been flipped to allow for the right bit.
After a sluggish release of iOS 13, the company has modified its internal strategy to iOS 14 to concentrate on reliability and a bug-free experience.
Furthermore, this iPad-style switcher can be retained only for wide Max models, and instead of 5.4-inch iPhone 12 Four feature aspects per device.
Does Apple have other designs for multitasking on its iOS 14 case? We may have to wait until Apple’s WWDC developer conference for further iOS 14 updates.
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