Now iOS Users Can Also Add Filters On Videos In Google Photos

After having an updated video editor with new functionality, including the ability to trim video clips, add filters , crop and make changes such as brightness , contrast, and saturation, the Google Photos app for iOS will now be able to apply filters to images.

Users will also be allowed to change exposure as per the study, comparing the videos with the aid of the modified video editor. The new options for the video editor would function in a similar way to existing image editing software. Simply tap the “delete” button when previewing a video and, in addition to the existing “export frame” option, you’ll be taken to the new editor which adds several new tabs.

There are a number of filters including a “Smart” filters that controls your video intelligently. Manual adjustment controls are open, divided into a Light menu (for brightness , contrast, whites, highlights, shadows, blacks, and vignette sliders) and Color (for adjusting saturation, temperature, tint, skin tone, and deep blue).

The new additions greatly expand the level of control users had over videos within the Google Photos app. Users were historically limited to basic stabilization, rotation, and changes to start and stop time, which is still the case on Android.

This editor clearly leverages the original gui, and not the one we allowed last week in development for Android. The new iOS video editor for Google Photos was rolled out a while ago but the company just made it official with version 5.8 August 31st.

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