iPhone X

Apple iPhone X Going to Release on Next Month with New Facial Recognition Technology that will Prevent to abuse other Companies who Plan to integrate into Their Apps.

Some companies use their Database to Match with other Technology which will use to map with it and use it for identifying consumers online and in the streets for ad purposes.

This Apples New technology that is used for iPhone X Replaced Existing FigerPrint Security and using facial images as a security feature.

Already Many Companies Introduced this Security Method to Lock and Unlock the computers and Mobile Phones but iPhone X  Technology will be New Era of Extreme Security and Privacy.

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Facial Recognition Technology Advance Future will Prevent from the App Developer to Violate the user’s policy.

According to  Fortune Technews, The feature has been hailed for its convenience, but it has also raised concerns that third parties—namely law enforcement or thieves—will be able to unlock iPhone Xs against their owners’ will just by pointing it at them. But there’s also a more subtle worry that Face ID will give Apple and its app partners an easy way to create a massive database of consumer faces.

Apple Released new Face ID Future the Along with This Facial Recognition that will is entirely self-contained on the phone.

FaceID Will be Created by Special Camera on the Devices that will Store only with a phone and it will never ship Back to the Apple Database.

Unlike Other Data including Images will Regularly sending back to Apple but this Image will not be sent with their facial recognition data.

The privacy fear is that iPhone-enabled facial recognition will be used not just for signing into apps and devices, but also for surveillance and marketing. For instance, malls or restaurants might capture facial images of customers walking in the door, and then use data obtained from app makers to identify who they are.

Apple said in a statement that “users’ privacy has been a priority since the very beginning.” The company added it would provide more details about Face ID closer to the time of the product’s release in early November.

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