Is It Worth Replacing Windows 10 With MacOS?

Picking the right operating system can be an overwhelming task. From considering the price, features, security, capabilities and accessibility of the operating system to personal preferences, there are a lot of factors that youneed to look into.  With Apple and Microsoft being the two leading operating system developers, both have their own set of features and tools. Many of us, who have grown up using Microsoft’s operating systems, might find it difficult to shift from Microsoft to Mac operating systems.
Although getting used toa new operating system can be a time-consuming process, once mastered, it can help users by boosting their productivity. If the thought of making a shift has crossed your mind, then read on to find out if it is worthreplacingWindows 10 with MacOS.

  • Mac users get the privilege to choose AppleCare

If you’ve never owned an Apple device before, you might be wondering ‘what is AppleCare’?AppleCare is similar to Microsoft’s warranty, but it is only accessible for Apple users. It comes with various extended warranty and technical support plans that are specifically designed to keep Mac devices safe and running. As all Mac devices come with a limited warranty, by choosing an AppleCare Protection Plan, you can extend the service coverage of your device.
Although it can be seen as expensive, AppleCare ensures that its users get timely and professional support from Apple-authorised technicians. Once you purchase an AppleCare Protection Plan, you will get 3 years of coverage from the date of purchase. This will cover up to 2 incidents of accidental damage protection. Additionally, you will get priority access to Apple experts by phone or chat, along with global repair coverage.

  • MacOS comes with comprehensive integrated software

Windows 10 includes basic email, calendar and contacts clients, as well as Skype and Microsoft Edge. Additionally, it is equipped with simple tools for music, photos and movie management. There are different third-party apps that you can add to your Windows. Many users who shift from Windows to MacOS feel that these apps cannot be compared with the comprehensive integrated software that comes along with a MacOS.
Dependingon their preferences, Mac users can select between using Apple’s exclusive software, such as Safari, Mail, FaceTime, Apple Maps, iTunes, Numbers, Pages and Keynote, or they can install third-party Microsoft software, such as Skype or Microsoft Office Suite. Additionally, MacOS is also equipped with other pre-installed tools, such as GarageBand for composing music and iMovie for creating movies.

  • MacOS offers improved user interface

While Windows has significantly improved its user interface over the years, its overall appeal is very different than the user interface of MacOS. The overall look, feel and accessibility of MacOS makes it more user-friendly. Apart from the user interface, the overall design and usability of MacOS are little edgy than that of Microsoft 10. If you are planning to upgrade your computer to get a completely different user-experience, then investing in MacOS is better than upgrading to the latest version of Windows.
Windows 10 recently introduced its “peek” function which is similar to MacOS’s “dock”. This “peek” feature allows users to see the open items on the desktop. Similarly, “Dock” gives Mac users the flexibility to see the frequently used apps and most recent apps. However, many users find “Dock” more convenient than using “peek”

  • Third-Party software compatibility

Both Windows 10 and MacOS have taken time to develop a comprehensive database of software and services. While Microsoft is a top player in developing custom business applications, such as Microsoft Office, MacOS is an expert in developing creative apps, such as GarageBand and iMovie. However, due to the growing popularity of third-party software, users do not hesitate in trying new applications to increase their efficiency.
Both Microsoft 10 and MacOS come with app stores that consist of a wide collection of applications developed by third-party developers. However, users of both the operating systems feel that desktop stores lag behind their respective mobile app stores. As most of the third-party developers design similar apps for both the operating systems, both Windows 10 and MacOS have worked to enhance their compatibility with third-party apps.

  • Integration between mobile and desktop

Apart from using desktops and laptops, we also use mobile phones and tablets to continue our work on the go. systemin modern times, it is important to some users that an operating system should be compatible with our mobile devices. Additionally, some busy users want a seamless experience while switching between different devices. If you are an existing iOS user, then replacing Windows 10 with MacOS will make your transition process a much smoother experience. You can update your settings in both iOS and MacOS to enable seamless linking ofyour Apple devices. This meansusers will find it easier to access their data, such as documents, files, mail, pictures, videos, and more.
As all your Apple devices will be linked, you can also transfer all your data from one device to another without any hassle. For example, if you started typing a note on your iPhone and left it mid-way, you can pick it up from the same place once you switch to your Mac computer without doing anything. Additionally, the webpage you keep open on your iPhone canautomatically open on your Mac when you switch your devices. Features such as Airdrop on MacOS and iOS also make sending files to each device extremely simply. This kind of integration between mobile and desktop devices will be difficult for iPhone users with Windows 10 or Android users with MacOS.
Both Windows 10 and MacOS have their own advantages and disadvantages. As both these operating systems have been leading the computer market from a very long time, they are loved and supported by people across the world. However, selecting an operating system completely depends on personal preferences. If you are looking for an operating system with better security features, user interface and creativity then MacOS is an ultimate choice. For users who are more comfortable with Windows and are looking for a device that fulfils their professional and gaming needs, then nothing can beat Windows 10.


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