12 Must-Have Items for All Gaming Addicts

As a lover of video games, there are certain items that you simply must own. Gaming isn’t an inexpensive hobby, but it does leave fans with a great collection of old and new consoles, games, and equipment. Whether you are a fan of retro era Mario or adore the escapism that comes from modern open-world games, here are twelve must-have items for all gaming addicts.

1. A High-Quality PC 

Whether you’re a PC gamer or not, some games are simply better on the computer. As a gaming addict, you will understand this, so make sure you invest in a PC that runs games quickly and smoothly. Aim for a PC with a high-performance GPU so that it survives through all the rock climbing, gun shooting, and high-speed races.

2. The Console from Your Childhood 

You wouldn’t be the gamer you are today without the console that kicked it all off. If you used to sit in your living room, begging your parents for five more minutes on the Odyssey, Nintendo 64, or the PS1, then it’s time to invest your money in your childhood favorite.
Not only will you get to relive some of your favorite oldies, but you will also have the vintage console for life.

3. An Arcade Machine 

If you’re really into the retro gaming scene, then why not treat yourself to arcade machines? With an arcade machine, you could even begin building your own gaming room! It’ll take you back to a time when life was much simpler, and it’s sure to impress your friends when they come over for some games.

4. A Cabinet for Physical Games

The chances are you already have a large selection of video games, so why not invest in an attractive cabinet to keep them all safe? Organize them alphabetically and by console, type to keep them organized, and keep building your collection until you run out of room (and then just make more!). While a large part of the gaming industry is moving online, physical games’ value is still high.

5. A Gaming Keyboard 

If you game on PC, then an average keyboard won’t cut it. You want one that will enhance your game, giving you the best opportunity possible to win. Hunt around for some quality gaming keyboards, and don’t forget the mouse!

6. A Gaming Headset 

It’s just as important to be able to hear as it is to be able to see in video games. For this reason, you should invest in a quality headset. This way, you’ll be able to hear even the tiniest footsteps rounding the corner in the battle royale!

7. The Latest Console

While you don’t need to keep up with the latest games to be a gaming addict, it doesn’t hurt to own all the latest releases. Whether you’re an Xbox gamer or a PlayStation fan, investing your money in the latest console won’t be a waste.

8. A Gaming Chair 

Whether you play on a PC or console, a gaming chair that helps your posture is crucial, especially if you spend many hours playing. You need one that fully supports your back and keeps your spine straight – otherwise; you’ll end up with a hunch and back problems in the future.

9. A Controller Station 

There are plenty of cool controller stations out there that keep your controllers safe and charge them, so look around for one that matches your aesthetic.

10. A Handheld Console

There’s something really cool about being able to play your favorite game at the bus stop or on an airplane. While phone games have come a long way, nothing will beat handheld consoles when it comes to gaming on the go. So, go old school and buy a Game Boy, or keep up with the latest games by investing in a Nintendo Switch.

11. A Streaming Camera 

OK, so this is only a must-have if you want to stream, but it is a useful product nevertheless! A streaming camera allows you to record your gaming footage along with commentary, allowing you to create a following simply by gaming. If you’re not interested in doing that, then you can always record to watch back later.

12. A VR Set 

You can’t say you keep up with all the latest gaming trends and not own a VR headset. While virtual reality isn’t taking over the gaming experience, it is adding something new to it, so go buy a quality headset and enjoy stepping into your favorite virtual worlds.


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