There are several ways on how to backup Moto content to PC. Many applications have been developed for this purpose, and it can sometimes be confusing to choose. It can also be more confusing to figure out how to use the software to create the backup storage for the phone. If you are using a Moto phone and you want to learn how to backup Moto content to PC, this article is for you, Lenovo Moto Smart.

Moto phones are always great to use. They are amazing for their unique features, such as a front flash, removable battery, dedicated SDcard slot, and more. WhileMoto phones might lack high-end features, their unique and very convenient attributes make up for it.

One great feature about Moto phones is that files in the phones can be stored in a separate backup location. It can be difficult and perhaps even scary to lose very important files on your phone. This is why having a backup is even necessary.

There are a lot of ways to lose your phone. You might forget it somewhere, or a thief might steal it from you. If you lose your phone, you pretty much also lose everything that it contains if you don’t have a backup.

A backup lets you access all the files from your phone on your PC. Read this article to find out how to backup Moto content to PC using the Lenovo Moto Smart Assistant.

Getting Started

Before you can begin, you first have to download the application to use for setting up your backup. You can download the software here:

The link to download the software also includes a user guide for your reference. The application is compatible with Windows 7 (32-bit), Windows 7 (64-bit), and Windows 10 (64-bit). Check the system requirements to see if your PC is compatible. Downloading is as simple as hitting the download button and waiting for it to complete. After downloading, follow the instructions to install the software.

Create Your Backup Using Lenovo Moto Smart Assistant

Step 1. Once you’ve successfully installed the application, click to open it. The interface is intuitive and very easy to use.

Step 2. Plug your mobile device to your PC. Make sure that USB debugging is turned on.

Step 3. Once the phone has been detected, click “Backup/Restore” from the Moto Assistant interface.

You can backup all the files on your phone, such as messages, contacts, photos, videos, music, and more. From here on, all you have to do is choose a save path for the files. Once you’ve chosen a save path, simply click the “Backup” button.

See how simple it was? Learning how to backup Moto content to PC is as simple as a few clicks here and there.

Restoring Files

Now that you know how to backup Moto content to PC, you should also know how to restore the files if you ever need to.

Step 1. Simply click “Restore” from the “Backup/Restore” tab of the application. From there, you will be led to the restore page where the backup file will be displayed.

Step 2. Simply extract the backup file and import the contents one by one.

You can also delete the file if you want to. You can sort the files to organize them the way you want them to be in order. You will then be shown a display message with the progress of restoring your files. Wait for it to finish, and your files will then be restored.

P.S If the device was old and couldn’t be detected by this program, then give a try on Androidphonesoft Android Assistant. It is a great alternative for device management.

Never again worry about losing all the contents of your phone. With Lenovo Moto Smart Assistant, you can do so much. Easily create a backup for all the files on your mobile device. Just as easily restore all the files from your backup to a phone.

If you ever happen to lose your phone for any reason, rest assured that you can still have access to all the files that you have backed up. Be sure to backup the files on your mobile device with Lenovo Moto Smart Assistant. It is convenient to use and can store all the files that your phone contains. Use this knowledge on how to back up Moto content to PCand backup your files today.

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