An investigation by Ireland’s Data Protection Commission (DPC) discovered that LinkedIn had handled hashed email address of roughly 18 million non-LinkedIn individuals and focused on these people on Facebook without essential authorization according to the report.

The report doesn’t clarify how LinkedIn got hold of the 18 million email addresses, however explains what the organization utilized them for like publicizing the shirt-and-tie informal community on its tee-shirt-and-pants cousin Facebook.

“The complaint was ultimately amicably resolved, with LinkedIn implementing a number of immediate actions to cease the processing of user data for the purposes that gave rise to the complaint.” report highlighted.

The research uncovered that that LinkedIn Corporation in the US didn’t have the required authorization from the information controller LinkedIn Ireland to process hashed email address of 18 million non-LinkedIn individuals.

“As a result of the findings of our audit, LinkedIn Corp was instructed by LinkedIn Ireland, as data controller of EU user data, to cease pre-compute processing and to delete all personal data associated with such processing prior to 25 May 2018,” the DPC report says.

Notwithstanding, the body was worried about the more extensive foundational issues recognized in its report, and attempted a second review to check whether LinkedIn had satisfactory specialized security and authoritative measures.

Additionally now various organizations moved their information handling activities to Ireland before the execution of new European data regulations.

“We’ve taken appropriate action, and have improved the way we work to ensure that this will not happen again. During the audit, we also identified one further area where we could improve data privacy for non-members and we have voluntarily changed our practices as a result.” LinkedIn’s head of privacy for EMEA Denis Kelleher said.

LinkedIn is only the most recent in social media organizations that have experienced harsh criticism for abusing client information. Still being referred to is the way LinkedIn is getting the 18 million non-client email addresses.

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