Linux terminal is beneficial, helpful and intriguing and it won’t approach you for affirmation if you run a command that will break your system. In this article we are posting top 5 deadly Linux commands you should never run.

1. Deletes Everything

rm -rf

This command deletes everything it possibly can, including files on your hard drive and files on connected removable media devices. Following are the options used with this command.

  • rm – To delete files.
  • rm -r – To Delete the folders(the empty folder as well).
  • rm -f – To Removes ‘Read only File’ without asking.
  • rm -rf / – To force deletion of everything in root directory.
  • rm -rf * – To force deletion of everything in current directory/working directory.
  • rm -rf .  – To force deletion of current folder and sub folders.

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2. Fork Bomb Linux Commands

:(){:|:&};: Command

This short line characterizes a shell work that makes new duplicates of itself. It is additionally called as fork bomb which works by defining a function called ‘:‘, which calls itself twice, once in the foreground and background. It continues executing over and over till the framework freezes. The function definition is ended with the ‘;‘ and called with the ‘:‘.

3. Command Directly to Hard Drive

command > /dev/sda

This command composes raw data and every one of the files on the block will be supplanted with raw data, implies any command you execute will supplant every one of the files and folders. This order will harms your whole file framework and you will be not able boot into your Linux machine and your information might be lost.

4. Format Hard Drive

mkfs.ext3 /dev/sda

This command can be equivalent to running format c: drive on Windows, in Linux it will format the Hard Drive ‘sda’and replaces it with the new ext3 file system.

5. Move Everything to Oblivion

mv / /dev/null

This command will move ‘folder‘ to /dev/null. In Linux /dev/null device is a special file which doesn’t exist but reports that write operation succeed.


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