Facebook after effect of a data breach scandal that included a voter-profiling organization Cambridge Analytic, which accumulated the data of 50 million Facebook clients improperly to help control decision battles for Donald Trump and the master Brexit camp. In the United Kingdom, where it has been demonstrated that Cambridge Analytica helped the Pro-Brexit battle, there are calls for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to come affirm before them.
Mark Zuckerberg has at long last ended his silence and put forth the first statements on his Facebook page. In his Facebook post, in the wake of telling the amount he carries over everyone and how much genuine Facebook is about what’s occurring, he recorded a few stages the organization intends to take to guarantee such episodes don’t occur in the future.
Mark Zuckerberg
Facebook revealed changes to its security settings, including a single page privacy tool. Beforehand, privacy tools were spread crosswise over 20 distinct screens. In this article we will see for the Facebook changes to ensure their privacy is protected.
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  • It will explore all applications that approached a lot of data and will lead a full review of any application with suspicious action. On the off chance that they discover developers that abused by and by identifiable data, it will prohibit them from their platform.
  • It will tell individuals influenced by applications that have abused their information. Moving forward, in the event that they evacuate an application for abusing data, they will tell everybody who utilized it.
  • On the off chance that somebody hasn’t utilized an application inside the most recent three months, they turn off the app’s access to their information.
  • It as of now indicate individuals what applications their records are associated with and control what information they’ve allowed those applications to utilize. Going ahead, they will settle on these decisions more prominent and simpler to manage.
  • In the coming weeks they will expand Facebook’s bug bounty program with the goal that individuals can likewise answer to us in the event that they discover abuses of information by application developers.

In the post they have mentioned that its just the beginning they will be sharing details in the coming weeks about additional steps they are taking to put people more in control of their data. Some of these updates were already in the works, and some are related to new data protection laws coming into effect in the EU. We need to wait and see if these changes can regain the trust we had in Facebook.


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