Facebook Messenger Rooms Allowing Up to 50 Group Video Participants

Building on Zoom and other video conferencing software such as Google Meet and Microsoft Teams, Facebook has internationally rolled out its community video chat Messenger Rooms, which allows free video chat Messenger Rooms worldwide , providing free video calls with up to 50 people with no time limit.
Facebook and Messenger will create a new space, and you can share the link to invite participants to the video call even if they are not on Facebook. Users can select the persons who can see and join the Messenger Rooms.
If they want to and even lock the room, they can even ban people from the rooms if they don’t want more people entering.
Make sure the app you are using on any of the above platforms is updated to the latest version so you can create Messenger Rooms. If you actually enter a room and don’t build one, you can do so by using a web browser to access the connection for the room you share.

How to create a Messenger Room?

Here’s how to build a Room from your phone until it’s ready for you:

  • Open the Messenger mobile app.
  • Click the People tab at the bottom of the screen and click Create a Room.
  • Select the people who you want to join and you can also share the room in your News Feed, Groups, and Events.
  • To share a Room with people who don’t have Facebook, you can share a link with them.

You can join a room from your phone or computer no need to download anything, Facebook said.
Facebook also focuses on privacy in Messenger Rooms, as they also published a separate blog post detailing the privacy aspects of the service, in an attempt to pitch themselves as a more secure alternative to Zoom, which is currently in the public eye for a number of security-related disputes.
Facebook itself doesn’t have a strong reputation in the department of privacy either, and it will also help to clear up any concerns.
Facebook also announced it is doubling the video call person limit for WhatsApp from four to eight people. In addition , the company is introducing a video calling feature to Facebook Dating to allow virtual dates for the users of that service.
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