Microsoft Is Forcing Users To Set Up A Microsoft Account For New Installations

When installing the operating system in more regions worldwide than just the US, Windows 10 has removed the option to go with a local account and use Microsoft Account instead. Microsoft has been preventing users from creating local accounts during last year’s Windows 10 fresh installs.

The only way to circumvent this limitation was to disconnect from the internet while performing the installation, which meant that the ‘ Offline Account ‘ option was again visible. This test was confined to the USA alone.

Windows 10 installations in Germany are now forcing the setup of a Microsoft account – for those with an active internet connection during the installation process, according to German tech site Dr Windows.

“If you install Windows 10 with the official installation media from Microsoft, you will now be forced to set up a Microsoft account in the German version with an active internet connection,” Dr. Windows wrote.

Criticism may be met about the decision not to let users choose to use a local account while setting up their device. While there are merits in setting up a Microsoft account to facilitate the synchronization of settings and preferences, the added complexity of setting up an MS account and then deleting it post the installation is a user problem.

It seems that Microsoft is constantly trying to get its users to set up Windows 10 with their Microsoft usability and security point-of-view account, not everyone would like to go through this forced option and would want a choice instead.

The question is why Microsoft is so keen on people using Microsoft accounts? The cynical answer would be that it’s simply a way to gather more information about more users, but Microsoft hasn’t actually revealed why it has chosen to make that recent change.

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