Microsoft To Bring Edge Browser To Linux

Microsoft might soon release Chromium-based Edge browser for their Linux users.The Microsoft’s Edge development team has sent out a new survey on Twitter to get input from developers who uses Linux platform for software development or testing or other purposes.

The survey is mainly intended to get the requirements and expectations on what distro the developers prefer for software development,and the prefer browsers for automated testing.

The short survey asks below questions:

  • When do you use Linux for web development and testing? (Mandatory)
  • What distribution(s) of Linux is most important to you for web development?
  • What scenarios do you primarily use web browsers on Linux for?
  • If you use multiple distributions for different scenarios (CI/CD, personal, work, development), Please specify which ones are important to which scenarios.
  • How do you expect to install web browsers on your Linux devices?
  • Please share any other details or needs you have for a browser on Linux to meet your development, testing, and/or CI/CD needs.

Anyway, Some Linux users has come up with critisism while some have shown their full support for this one.

Currently Google owned Chrome and Chromium browsers are available for use along with other Chromium-based browsers.

While, the new Edge Chromium is trying to omit most of the Google-related part from the Chromium source code and will induce their own stuffs into it.

Edge has supporting versions for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. So with this,it would cover all major operating system once Linux is included.

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