Microsoft Store soon Soon To Have Instagram’s PWA

Instagram’s PWA (Progressive Web App) is likely to be on the Microsoft Store in the near future. This means instead that Instagram will replace Instagram’s own Windows 10 OSMeta app with a progressive web app. Windows 10 users will welcome this since the Windows 10 Instagram app has not been updated since July 2018.

The Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are generally lighter on the network and smaller to install, meaning they don’t take much space. They are also easier to upgrade, which means that bug fixes and enhancements can arrive faster.

Previously, Facebook, which owns Instagram, used the OSMeta cross-platform development tools for its mobile app, but is now rolling out its PWA app through the Microsoft Store.

For many Instagram users on Windows 10, this news comes as a mixed bag and the move is expected to bring a lot of both positive and negative.

On the one hand, progressive web apps allow businesses to more regularly upgrade apps because a single update can drive multiple platforms.

The choice to upload photos is one of the features that is not available now, but the same is expected to be available, the report added.

Bad news is if you’re someone using the Instagram app on Windows then you’ll find a key feature missing from the PWA.

Direct Messaging is not currently supported through the website of Instagram and you will no longer have that option once the PWA has officially rolled out to all.

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