MIUI 11 Biggest Features That Is Launched In India

Xiaomi announced last month MIUI 11, China’s first big MIUI update, and now Xiaomi announced the global launch of MIUI 11 along with the launch of Redmi Note 8 and Redmi Note 8 Pro in India.

MIUI 11 Xiaomi introduced a range of new features such as new UI layout, lock screen dynamic clock, innovative always-on show, interactive video wallpapers, women’s health, and fast responses.

Following are the top features of MIUI 11?

  • New feature provides users with clear user interfaces, powerful navigation gestures and highlights relevant content.
  • With the Dynamic clock and AOD settings, MIUI 11 brings always-on screen where users can customize text slogans.
  • New feature has Wallpaper Dynamic and Wallpaper Dynamic Video Users can set any video as their wallpaper with the Dynamic Video Wallpaper feature.
  • New feature will display all files in the File Manager as thumbnails similar to how they are presented on a laptop. This makes it easy to easily find and view the files.
  • New feature introduces a new way of viewing notifications. When a notification hits the phone with light up on the sides of the screen. This will occur when the phone’s screen is locked.
  • New feature offers functionality for Fast Replies and allows users to send messages while watching videos, reading, or other activities.
  • New feature comes with ‘ Tasks ‘ feature that helps you better organize tasks and can also synchronize tasks directly with the calendar.
  • Female users can monitor menstrual cycles in the calendar app with MIUI 11 update and this only works in India, Indonesia, and Spain.
  • New feature comes with a range of health-related features such as step tracking, walked distance, burned calories, etc.

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