A lot of people are skeptical about virtual dating, believing that it is a waste of time that will not bring real results.

Is there even the smallest reason to get acquainted on the Internet? In fact, a lot depends on your psychological attitude.

If a person, filling in a profile on a dating site, is sure that he/she will not be able to find at least an interesting interlocutor, nothing will happen.

With this mindset, you’re simply not able to see a potential guy/girlfriend in a person who messages you. But in fact, dating on the Internet can be a “magic wand” for any person that can actually help you find that special someone.

Just imagine that more than 5 million people are using dating sites every minute. According to statistics, more than 30% of registered people are eager to communicate and hope to build a long and strong relationship. is one of the biggest dating websites, perhaps the biggest one out there, so be sure to check it out.

How do you meet someone?

If you listen to your friends, many of them will say that it’s simply pointless to get acquainted on the Internet: “Only weirdoes are using them,” “Normal men are not looking for virtual communication,” etc. Although, in reality, this is nothing more than stereotypes. If you consider yourself an adequate and reasonable person who intends to create profiles on dating sites, it is logical to assume that someone like you thinks the same way.

How to start dating online?

Get rid of stereotypes. Having decided to communicate on the web, moderate your skepticism. Set the mood for finding someone to have a great time chatting;

Decide on the purpose of dating. If you intend to meet a person to create a relationship, communicate only with the circle of people who could potentially become your life partners.

Fill out the profile completely. To get people interested in your sincerity, try to fill in your profile as much as possible. Thus, you will save people from having to ask unnecessary, trivial questions like “Where do you live,” “What are you interested in,” etc.

It may seem hard to meet someone online at first, yet it’s only because you have never visited It is easy – girls here are reasonable and good looking. Check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

Non-standard questions and phrases for acquaintances

Probably, it is not a secret to anyone that at the initial stages of communication, the first phrases are crucial. Why? People who are not completely new to talking with potential partners simply get tired of banal phrases like: “Hello, how are you doing,” “What is your name, beautiful stranger,” etc.

In order not to get into the category of “regular losers” automatically, you should think of a few conversation starters.

What words should be the first?

The phrase should not be banal and predictable;

Words should interest the potential partner.

The first phrases should show the level of your intellectual development.

How to understand how to start communicating with a person? First of all, analyze the profile of a person, find out what he/she is interested in, what are his/her interests and worldview. If you are interested in something more than just a person’s appearance, feel free to start communication.

What questions or phrases to text?

“I accidentally got on your page, and now I’m wondering about one important question…” Such a phrase will immediately intrigue a person who will certainly want to hear the second part of the sentence. You can make a joke out of it or just text “but will you have some time to chat with me?”

“You, probably, have a lot of guys bombarding you with messages right now.” Such phrases are more likely to get the attention of girls between 28 and 30.

“Do you need a witty companion?” Do not be afraid to use funny phrases and questions to get the conversation going. The main thing is that they are not trivial and distinguish you from the majority of people that communicate with standard phrases.

Be creative, honest and vigilant, that’s all there is to it