Top Best Features of OxygenOS With Android 10

OxygenOS is one of the best Android implementations currently available. OnePlus has kept it simple, adding a few differentiating features on top of a standard user interface instead of providing a highly customized interface like its chinese rivals.
So, if you’ve recently upgraded your OnePlus smartphone to the latest Android edition, here are some new features you certainly shouldn’t skip.
The only negative thing about them is that not everyone who uses an Android gets to use them— they’re unique to devices from OnePlus.
So we would like to see some of these useful features of OxygenOS making their way over to stock.

  • One of the handiest new features is called Zen mode. You can only access the camera and incoming calls while the Zen mode is in operation. You should make emergency calls, as well.
  • Fnatic mode, when activating mode, the phone optimizes almost all of its hardware features such as RAM, Processor, wireless connectivity and a few other items to ensure that games are running as smoothly as possible.
  • This time around the organization has put in a screen recorder to make it much easier to document what you are doing.
  • With the OxygenOS OnePlus screen recorder records both onscreen sounds and room noises.
  • From the preview screen, you can now blur things out, crop them and more directly.
  • At a single tap, you will get access to relevant information such as music player, calendar case, and other contextual data.
  • In addition to notification, Oxygen OS ‘ Android 10 update has also revised Device permissions. Whenever a new app is activated it asks for permissions.
  • Optimized charging which ensures that when you normally unplug it, your phone learns to say it, in the morning, or just before you leave the job so it charges itself so it doesn’t stay at 100 percent all the time.

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