How To Play YouTube In The background Using VLC?

Many years ago VLC Media Player was a popular choice. It is open source, free to use and operates across every device and operating system you can think of and YouTube is home to thousands of uploaded videos from different parts of the globe.
YouTube, right behind Google, is also the second largest search engine. YouTube’s major drawback, though, is having to keep the screen on while playing your video. That’s frustrating when you just want to listen to a song or podcast.
Nonetheless, here’s a fast hack to get the audio from YouTube running in the background that works on any Android smartphone and takes a few seconds to run.
You don’t have to hack your phone or install any unauthorized software, because the trick works with Android’s VLC media player.

How to Play a YouTube Video in VLC Media Player?

  • First of all download and install VLC for Android from Google Play Store.
  • Now open the YouTube app on your smartphone and pick the video you want to play in the background.
  • Then tap on the three-dots menu button > tap on Share.
    Next you will need to choose Play in VLC option in the share sheet.
  • Once the video loads in VLC, tap on the three-dots menu in the bottom right corner.
  • Finally, tap on Play as audio option present in the list.

Now the VLC software only plays the audio from that file. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a music video or a commentary about a football match.
In addition, you now have the music control panel on VLC in your notification panel. This will allow you to scrub easily to the sections you wish to play through the video.
If you want to watch the video with other devices in a pop-up player, you can also pick the VLC Pop-up player.
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