Pointers on using technology to create a safer workplace

Safety has never been more of a consideration. This is not just because of the global pandemic and the importance of ensuring employees don’t get Covid-19, but also because there is such an emphasis on it from governments and employees, who are often parts of trade unions with a strong focus on the safety of their employees. Here are the five top tips for using technology, whether it’s to reduce the risk of Covid-19, make employees feel healthier in terms of their bodies, or just safer in terms of what customers or others they come across might do to them.
Scanning for body temperature
Scanning for body temperature has received a lot of press in the light of Covid-19 – employers are keen to ensure that employees are healthy, and while temperature is not the only sign of the virus, it is the most objective indicator. Installing body temperature scanners or making use of apps at the entrance to the workplace will ensure that those who walk in have been vetted to the extent they can be, and makes it less likely they will have Covid-19 – or even just the flu – and pass it onto another individual.
Using machinery to carry goods
Backache is the most common ailment for which employees have to take time off work. Therefore anything which reduces the load they have to carry is good. In an office setting, trolleys can be helpful. In a factory, conveyor belts, such as those from fluentconveyors.com, may be an excellent option for transporting goods over long distances. These days, many conveyors come paired with an emergency button or automatic stop when there is an unknown object on the belt, which helps assuage any concerns about them, reducing employee safety.
Installing CCTV
When employees have to do late shifts, it is important that they feel able to leave the office or factory safely, without risk of anything dangerous happening nearby. Installing CCTV outside the office – or in the shop, if they work as a shopkeeper, is a good way of helping them feel that criminals will know they are being watched. Similarly, it is crucial that they feel that if a customer were to behave inappropriately towards them,they might have some kind of way of proving what happened – where this is at all possible, or even of finding the perpetrator. This is where CCTV inside the workplace could be helpful – as long as it doesn’t infringe on employees’ privacy and within the law.
An accident, however minor, at the workplace or factory will not only affect the individual involved, because they may have to take considerable time off work and perhaps even not return, but it can also affect other employees whose morale is reducedand who start to fear for their own safety and whether the company has their best interests at heart. Indeed, many companies now get a bad reputation and lose customers when they are not known for having good health and safety practices. It is because of this that many now look to technology to help – and you should too.


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