Pokemon Home Reaches 1.3M Downloads In Just One Week

In its first week of availability, The Mobile Apps for Pokémon Home, a cloud-based storage service, produced 1.3 million downloads as per the survey.

The Pokemon cloud storage service, launched on February 12, saw roughly 34 per cent of its total downloads coming from the United States, while 23 per cent came from Japan. With 5.7 per cent of all sales, Great Britain came in third.

Although not a game itself, Pokemon Home is a free app that allows users to store Pokemon in the franchise from across multiple games, transfer it to the latest titles, and get other, new Pokemon through in-app rewards.

While on the Nintendo Switch, iOS devices, and Android devices, the app with base features is available for free, users need to pay for a subscription plan to get more storage space and access to more features.

Paid subscription allowing for larger storage space and more functionality. The packages cost $2.99 a month, $4.99 a three month period, or $15.99 a full year of service.

If you want your Ball Guy jersey, you’ll need to attach your Pokemon Trainer Club account (free to have) to your Nintendo Account (also free of charge) and keep them linked until your Championship Points are earned for your match.

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