Popular Battle Royale Game Player Unknown’s Battleground, generally alluded to as PUBG simply won the Best Game Award in Google Play Best of 2018.
As a token of thankfulness for every one of its fans for the help, it appears PUBG has reported a giveaway of in-game credits up to $2 for FREE.
“We just won the Google Play Best of 2018 BEST GAME AWARD! As a token of appreciation for all of your support, all US Google Play Android players can claim up to $2 of in-game credit for FREE! Head to the Best Games of 2018 section of the Google Play Store to redeem your credit.”
The Free $2 off in-game credit are accessible for all Android players in the U.S. So all PUBG fans out there can go to Google Play Store to guarantee their free reward.

How to redeem the free credit in PUBG ?

In order to redeem follow the steps mentioned below.

  • From the Play Store home page go to Best Games of 2018 section.

  • Then go to Best Game section and scroll down and click on Get up to $2 off PUBG.

When finished the credit will be added to your play store application purchase which can be utilized to buy any application from play store.
Also on the off chance that you are buying anything from PUBG mobile you can utilize these acknowledge and it seeks an expiry date.
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