How To Check RAM Usage In Android 2019?

Most of us are aware of RAM (Random Access Memory), a volatile memory that is used in every device or system by both the OS and applications.

Android users prefer to clear caches when their internal storage is small or see their RAM space sooner. For recent releases of Android versions, these two features have been dropped.

Here we will discuss the methods by which you can test the use of RAM

How To Check RAM Usage In Your Android Device?

Users can check their memory usage and RAM usage by using the following two ways:

  • Using Developer options
  • Using memory widget

#1Using Developer Options

  • Open your Android’s Settings >> Navigate to System >> Tap on About phone.
  • In the Build number option and tap it seven times until you receive a notification saying, You are now a developer!.
  • You will now find a new option with the name Developer options ({ }) once you navigate back to System settings.Click on it.
  • In the screen displayed,click on the memory option to view memory usage.

Note: If you click the Memory link, you will see the average memory consumption. The default time period is set to 3 hours. In order to view average usage, users can toggle between 3, 6, 12 hours or 1 day. You can also check the individual memory use here for each application that is installed in your device.

#2Using Memory Widget

  • Long Press on an empty space on your Android device’s home screen will give you the option Widget and Click on it.
  • To access RAM on your Android device, tap the Memory option in the Shortcut Settings screen displayed. You can nowsee the Memory icon on the home screen.

Note: The widgets appearance varies depending on your Android’s manufacturer and version.

To have enough RAM space, it is important to monitor and track the time-to-time use of RAM on your Smartphone. One effective way to reduce the use of RAM on your phone is to uninstall or disable applications that you are not actively using on a regular basis.

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