Reliance Jio Announces ‘Jio Glass’ Mixed Reality Glasses

The first ever Annual General Meeting of Reliance Jio which took place yesterday presented an opportunity for the company to show shareholders a bunch of new tech and its latest developments. The company has made a number of sterling announcements, one of which is a new Jio Glass dubbed mixed reality glass.
Reliance also revealed its home-grown technologies-built 5 G network, as well as Jio TV Plus, Jio Mart, Jio Meet, and confirmed that Google is investing Rs 33,737 crores in Jio Platforms and that both companies will jointly build an affordable Android smartphone for India at the entry level.
The Jio Glass carries about 75 grams of weight, and features personalized audio. Jio will ship a cable that can be attached to the smartphone for users who wish to access content on the device and will allow users to access the content.
You just need to give a voice command to place a video call via Jio Glass, saying, Call XYZ and ZYX. Users will be given the option of joining in 2D as a daily video call or in 3D. During those holographic video calls, users will also be able to share documents and presentations on a large virtual screen.
Also, the Jio Glass can be used to make 3D avatars that aim to virtually improve interactions. The business is also using 3D avatars to put the feature into discussions.
Reliance Jio also mentioned that the Jio Glass can be used for 3D virtual classrooms, where the classes can be conducted via the Jio Mixed Reality Cloud, with light to issues like the COVID-19 pandemic going on.
This will take online education a step forward because the mixed reality aspect would add dramatically to the way students are actually engaged in flat, two-dimensional online lectures.
The Jio Glass will from now on support 25 apps, according to Jio, and the Glass can also be used for educational purposes by leveraging holographic content. Jio hasn’t said anything about when the Jio Glass will be shipping to customers, or what the price will be.
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