Hoping to take a screenshot? Screenshot are handy, whether you’re endeavoring to compose a how to article or demonstrate your companion something on your screen yet taking a screenshot on PC isn’t as basic as it could be.
In this article we will manage you 5 best ideal approaches to take screenshot on PC. All the methods are working and tried. You don’t have to download or introduce any product. Simply take after the straightforward summons to take a screenshot on PC.

1. Windows Key + Print Screen

  • In order to capture the entire screes and save it automatically, press Windows Button and Print Scrn at the same time.
  • Screen will briefly go dim to confirm screenshot was taken.
  • Now open Pictures folder and you will be able to find Screenshots folder. You will be able to find the screenshot of the image take.

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2. Print Screen Button

  • Press the Print Scrn and screenshot is copied to the clipboard.
  • Open Paint and paste the screenshot
  • Now you can save the screenshot to your favorite folder.

3. Alt+Print Screen

  • If you wanted to take screenshot of the active window then press Alt button and simultaneously press Print Scrn button.
  • Screenshot will not be saved automatically instead it is copied to the clipboard.
  • Open Paint and paste the screenshot, save the screenshot to your favorite folder.

4. Snipping Tool

In our windows PC we do have an in built screenshot utility.

  • Open the Snipping Tool, which will look like this

  • Now select “New” in the upper-left corner of the program window.
  • You have multi option there, full-screen option catches your whole screen, while other different option let you determine particular areas.
  • Once take you can select “Save As” to save the screenshot to your favorite folder.

5. Win+H To Take ScreenShot On PC

  • If you are taking the screenshot for for sharing purposes, then press Windows and H button.
  • Entire screen will be captured and then open Windows Share toolbar to share it with your friends.


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