How To Take A Screenshot On Your Apple Watch?

Apple has always made sure that screenshots can be taken of its different products, and the Apple Watch is no exception. The Apple Watch is however, also capable of taking screenshots.
Apple has removed the ability to take a screenshot by default in more recent versions of WatchOS. To learn how to allow screenshots on your Apple Watch, follow along.
It takes only two fingers if you want to catch the view of your watch as a screenshot.
How to enable screenshots on Apple Watch?

  • Launch the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
  • By clicking My Watch at the bottom of the screen, make sure you’re on the My Watch page.
  • Tap ‘eneral and by swiping the button to the right, toggle on Allow Screenshots.
  • In the Apple Watch app, toggle on screenshots to begin taking screenshots.

You will now be able to take a screenshot of your Apple Watch. To do so, simultaneously click the Digital Crown and the Side button.
Only switching Allow Screenshots off and pressing the Digital Crown and Side buttons at the same time will do nothing to turn off screenshots.
If you don’t take many screenshots on your Apple Watch and also take screenshots in case of an accident, this is useful.
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